31 Marzo 2017

    We believe that size matters in sound reproduction.

    Our top of the line MICHELANGELO model is very exclusive and is made on request only. It is a 6 panels design (3 each channel) using 3 ways as all our models (Woofer, mid-tweeter and super-tweeter) on one panel per channel and a ribbon-planar Sub-Woofer on the other two panels per channel. This is making a considerable total width of 1.65m each channel divided into 3 panels of 0.55m with a total height of 2.03m, a weight of 390Kg per channel and a total sub-woofer surface of 2.4sqm on the two channels.

    It is possible to upgrade from CARAVAGGIO to MICHELANGELO simply buying the additional two subwoofer panels.

    Bi-amping is mandatory and tri-amping is recommended to reach the best results.

    High sensitivity of 95dB makes possible to use virtually any amplifier.

    It is recommended for rooms of 100sqm to 400sqm.