31 Marzo 2017
31 Marzo 2017

    Our CARAVAGGIO model is very exclusive and is made on request only. It is a 4 panels design (2 each channel) using 3 ways like all our models (Woofer, mid-tweeter and super-tweeter) on one panel per channel and a ribbon-planar Sub-Woofer on the other two panels (one each channel). This is making a considerable total width of 1.10m each channel divided into 2 panels of 0.55m with a total height of 2.03m, a weight of 260Kg per channel and a total sub-woofer surface of 1.2sqm on the two channels. Bi-amping is not mandatory but it is recommended to reach the best results.

    High sensitivity of 95dB makes possible to use virtually any amplifier.

    It is recommended for rooms of 70sqm to 200sqm.