27 Ottobre 2023

Dutch Trip 2023: Alsyvox Top Speakers at Taiko and Amadeus Audio

Great fun and fabulous music in The Netherlands: one day at Jeroen’s (Taiko) with Caravaggio speakers, one day at Taiko (distributor) new demo room with Raffaello speakers, one day at Amadeus Audio (dealer) with Raffaello. Every system was really top performing: Jeroen made a 6,5 x 11m room with very nice acoustics and finish that is acting also a garage for his beatuful car. Apparently the car helps with the acoustics 😉 he is still selecting amps and cables, but the system is already extremely musical, natural and detailed and image is crisp, wide and deep Taiko Audio reference listening room is a real laboratory where Emile is experimenting all sort of solutions before implementing them in his products. Size is really huge (8x14m) with a very big effort in the sound treatment with acoustic plaster on the ceiling and SMT solid wood on the 4 walls, the result is umbelieavably clean and powerful. Bass can really thunder in such a big space! Amadeus Audio in a down to earth music room of 4,5×11,5m fashinated me with a master cooking of music tracks both from CD and vinyl, to reproduce music that only eyes could break the illusion to be at a real concert. A big thank you to all of them!
1 Settembre 2023

Grand Tour of Rhapsody Listening Locations

We are just back from our tour where we visited 5 of the 6 Rhapsody Audio (our exclusive US distributor) listening locations. It has been a great experience to know all the great professionals that run the places: Bob in Brooklyn NY, Bob in Portland, David in San Francisco, Chris in Dallas and Jerry in Chicago. We had fabulous time together: dinners, lunches, trips in the country, wine tasting, parks visits. And of course plenty of hours of beatiful music listening: all rooms sound great, each different like every customers’ room is. Again this is the proof that Alsyvox speakers can play beautiful in any home. Also two meetings with local audio enthusiasts with a total of about 50 people were organized by David and Bob West. Thank you to all of you for your warm welcome and professional help! Video on YouTube of the Presentation at Rhapsody California: In Chicago with JerryIn San Francisco with David (and Bob and Paola) In Dallas with Chris In Portland with Bob (West) And in Brooklyn NY with Bob
1 Settembre 2023

Best of 2023 Blue Note Award to BOTTICELLI X by Enjoy the Music

We are happy to annouce that Botticelli X was awarded Best of 2023 Blue Note by Enjoy the Music after Greg Weaver’s review you can find a few News below
14 Maggio 2023

ALSYVOX at Munich HighEnd 2023

ALSYVOX RAFFAELLO played with TAIKO server, LAMPIZATOR DAC, PILIUM amplifiers and OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS cables. Thank you to all the enthusiasts and professionals that came to listen and gave flesh and blood to the success of our show. It was quite an experience to meet all sort of people: wives following their husband, long experience HighEnd professionals, music producers, competitors, experienced audiophiles, longtime music lovers, young guys and common people, all of them with the same emotional feeling: happiness painted on their face! THANK YOU we already miss you all! Here some articles and videos with some mentions as BEST OF THE SHOW:
11 Aprile 2023

Botticelli X on Tone Audio no.116

Thanks to Bob Visintainer and Bob Vineyard a nice article is published on Tone Audio no.116 by Jeff Dorgay  
1 Aprile 2023

Botticelli X on Enjoy the Music by Greg Weaver
25 Settembre 2022

Botticelli X on ON-MAG (French)
26 Aprile 2022

Alsyvox at Munich High End 2022

We would like to thank all visitors that made our partecipation to Munich High End 2022 a real success! We introduced our top of the line speakers RAFFAELLO using our exclusive full range ribbon planar technology: 3 ways symmetrical ribbon planar speaker (double midrange and double woofer) height 203cm width 85cm and up to 98db sensitivity. A special thank you to our partners that made it possible: TAIKO AUDIO Extreme server with Horizon DA converter by Lampizator JADIS ELECTRONICS tube preamp JPL MKII and tube power amps JA30 OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS The Element cables and power plant Here some interesting links with comments on our room:    
26 Aprile 2022

Botticelli X on Vinyle&Audio

Thanks to our French distributor PHP Audio you can ask for a PDF of the article by email
16 Febbraio 2022

New Show-Room in Valencia

a new 60 square meter room (6×10) is available for demos and listening tests in Valencia. ALSYVOX have designed it using no acoustic treatments, just triple layer drywall and a few diffusers. Very smooth frequency response and deep, wide and focussed imaging are achieved. All Alsyvox models can play at their best there. Omega Audio Concepts is the rest of the system but also turntable and SET amps are available. Here you see it in a Video
2 Giugno 2021

ALSYVOX Botticelli X at T.H.E. Show

Thanks to our official dealer CAKE AUDIO Alsyvox Botticelli X was playing from June 11th to 13th at T.H.E. Show Hilton Long Beach California. This was the first show after the pandemic and it was a real success with room “packed with people” (maximum allowed) most of the time. Lots of enthusiastic feedback can be found on the web. A big thank you to all visitors, Ken and Oz for their support during the show!
14 Giugno 2020

Articles on Mono&Stereo

Recent articles related to ALSYVOX:
12 Dicembre 2019

Show in Norway and Interview: Why Alsyvox is unique

At the end of September in Horten our distributor PM Audio attended a show with great success using our BOTTICELLI. Here you find an article published on with two videos of a very interesting interview explaining why Alsyvox loudspeakers are unique:  
18 Agosto 2019

Alsyvox and Omega Audio Concepts at RMAF 2019

A big thank you to all visitors that came to our room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 in Denver! We had great time with all of you and here you can read some very positive reports on the sound we made with the New BOTTICELLI X, Omega Audio Concepts DNA CDP, DAC and MONO AMPS (100W) and NANO extra cables: Once a day we played MA recordings hi-resolution files from their Digital Recorder:  
7 Aprile 2019

Great Success of Alsyvox and Omega Audio Concepts at Hifideluxe Munich Marriott 2019

Great Success of the our system with really many enthusiastic people listening: we thank all musicians, enthusiasts, dealers, distributors, competitors and discographic label owners that contributed with their beautiful energy to these magic moments. Our system in Salon D at Hifideluxe 2019 Munich Marriott was featuring the New CARAVAGGIO by ALSYVOX four panels five ways ribbon speakers with massive external passive crossovers, the new integrated amplifier STREAM POWER 200W, CDP STREAM and ELEMENTS cables series THE ELEMENT and NANO EXTRA all by OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS
18 Febbraio 2019

Articles published in Hong Kong (Chinese)

article printed on Audiotechnique no.449 on February 2019; article on video by Lee388:
18 Gennaio 2019

Best of 2018
29 Agosto 2018

Alsyvox and Omega Audio Concepts at RMAF 2018

Great success at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 in Denver! Our room with ALSYVOX BOTTICELLI Full Range Ribbon Loudspeakers, Omega Audio Concepts DNA MONO AMPS, DNA DAC, DNA CDP, THE ELEMENT and NANO extra cables was voted best of the show by many enthusiasts and professionals. Thanks to all of you that visited our room and a special thanks to Todd Garfinkle that lended us his MA RECORDINGS DSD&HiRez MASTER RECORDER and to STILLPOINTS for their rack. Special RECOGNITIONS received from THE ABSOLUTE SOUND as BEST INTRODUCTION, AUDIO BACON as CERTIFIED SIZZLE – BEST SOUND and AVSHOWROOMS as GOLD SHOW AWARD BEST SOUND!!!  
29 Agosto 2018

Interview at Audio Exotics Super Hi End Show 2018 in Hong Kong
22 Maggio 2018

Alsyvox at the 6th AUDIO EXOTICS SUPER HI END AUDIO GALA in Hong Kong

Alsyvox was proud to be invited to the 6th Audio Exotics Super Hi End Audio Gala in Hong Kong on July 7th and 8th. Our Botticelli model played with Trinity electronics and Da Vinci turntable. Many visitors could appreciate the coherent sound and the deep and wide soundstage during the demos and the lessons given by  KK Wong on “Appreciation of Classical Music and Canton Pop”.  
4 Aprile 2018

Great success at Hifideluxe 2018 and more to come….
4 Aprile 2018

Review on Alsyvox Botticelli from Greece

Alsyvox Speakers first flights in Greece with Vitus Audio & Harmonix [English]
27 Febbraio 2018

Second Demo Room Inauguration

23 Ottobre 2017
In few weeks the show room no.2 will be ready

Demo Room no.1 in Valencia

14 Giugno 2017

Alsyvox Botticelli: comments after hifideluxe 2017

You can find some of the comments by reviewers, bloggers and enthusiasts at the following links: Munich High End 2017 – The Greatest Audio Show on Earth?
28 Maggio 2017

Hifideluxe 2017 First Impressions

  Great success of the premier of Alsyvox Botticelli model with a lot of enthusiastic private and professional visitors, we publish most of the comments left in our Visitors’ Book 
19 Aprile 2017

Hifideluxe Munich 2017

We are pleased to announce the World Premier of the new line of ALSYVOX Full Range Ribbon Loudspeakers at HIFIDELUXE Munich Marriot, Berliner Strasse 93, on May 18th-19th-20th 2017. Our designer Daniele Coen is back with his amazing ribbon speakers capable of coherent sound throughout the audio frequency range, high efficiency and powerful undistorted bass. They are available in 4 models of different size but all with the same technology, top quality components and stylish Italian Design: Tintoretto, 144cm high; Botticelli, 177cm high, Caravaggio, double panel 203cm high and Michelangelo, triple panel 203cm high. The Botticelli model will be on demo in salon D with Omega Audio Concepts CD player, electronics and cables.