Grand Tour of Rhapsody Listening Locations

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1 Settembre 2023
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Grand Tour of Rhapsody Listening Locations

We are just back from our tour where we visited 5 of the 6 Rhapsody Audio (our exclusive US distributor) listening locations.

It has been a great experience to know all the great professionals that run the places: Bob in Brooklyn NY, Bob in Portland, David in San Francisco, Chris in Dallas and Jerry in Chicago.

We had fabulous time together: dinners, lunches, trips in the country, wine tasting, parks visits.

And of course plenty of hours of beatiful music listening: all rooms sound great, each different like every customers’ room is. Again this is the proof that Alsyvox speakers can play beautiful in any home.

Also two meetings with local audio enthusiasts with a total of about 50 people were organized by David and Bob West.

Thank you to all of you for your warm welcome and professional help!

Video on YouTube of the Presentation at Rhapsody California:

In Chicago with JerryIn San Francisco with David (and Bob and Paola) In Dallas with Chris In Portland with Bob (West) And in Brooklyn NY with Bob