Alsyvox at Munich High End 2022

Botticelli X on Vinyle&Audio
26 Aprile 2022
Botticelli X on ON-MAG (French)
25 Settembre 2022

Alsyvox at Munich High End 2022

We would like to thank all visitors that made our partecipation to Munich High End 2022 a real success!

We introduced our top of the line speakers RAFFAELLO using our exclusive full range ribbon planar technology: 3 ways symmetrical ribbon planar speaker (double midrange and double woofer) height 203cm width 85cm and up to 98db sensitivity.

A special thank you to our partners that made it possible:

TAIKO AUDIO Extreme server with Horizon DA converter by Lampizator

JADIS ELECTRONICS tube preamp JPL MKII and tube power amps JA30

OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS The Element cables and power plant

Here some interesting links with comments on our room: