23 ottobre 2017
In few weeks the show room no.2 will be ready

Demo Room no.1 in Valencia

14 giugno 2017

Alsyvox Botticelli: comments after hifideluxe 2017

You can find some of the comments by reviewers, bloggers and enthusiasts at the following links: Munich High End 2017 – The Greatest Audio Show on Earth?
28 maggio 2017

Hifideluxe First Impressions

  Great success of the premier of Alsyvox Botticelli model with a lot of enthusiastic private and professional visitors, we publish most of the comments left in our Visitors’ Book 
19 aprile 2017

Hifideluxe Munich 2017

We are pleased to announce the World Premier of the new line of ALSYVOX Full Range Ribbon Loudspeakers at HIFIDELUXE Munich Marriot, Berliner Strasse 93, on May 18th-19th-20th 2017. Our designer Daniele Coen is back with his amazing ribbon speakers capable of coherent sound throughout the audio frequency range, high efficiency and powerful undistorted bass. They are available in 4 models of different size but all with the same technology, top quality components and stylish Italian Design: Tintoretto, 144cm high; Botticelli, 177cm high, Caravaggio, double panel 203cm high and Michelangelo, triple panel 203cm high. The Botticelli model will be on demo in salon D with Omega Audio Concepts CD player, electronics and cables.