Alsyvox and Omega Audio Concepts at hifideluxe 2018

Review on Alsyvox Botticelli from Greece
4 aprile 2018

Alsyvox and Omega Audio Concepts at hifideluxe 2018

ALSYVOX and OMEGA AUDIO CONCEPTS together again at Hifideluxe Salon D:

You are all invited on May 2018 from Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th to listen to our system on demo in Salon D Hifideluxe Munich Marriott.

Main system on demo will be featuring THE STREAM CD player, DNA MONO Amps, THE ELEMENT cables and BOTTICELLI Full Range Ribbon Loudspeakers.

A second system on static demo will be featuring Alsyvox’s smaller model TINTORETTO and the new all in one machine ESSENZIALE by Omega Audio Concepts: internal micro-computer capable of playing HD or Red-Book (CD) files from external sources, tablet used as remote control, DA converters, 2x50W amplifiers, in total 10 toroidal transformers to make 10 totally independent power supplies, machined from a solid piece of aluminum of 60Kg!